Autoware is the world's first "all-in-one" open-source software for self-driving vehicles hosted under the Autoware Foundation.

The Autoware.Auto project, based on ROS 2, is the next generation successor of the Autoware.AI project, based on ROS 1.

The major differentiators of Autoware.Auto compared to Autoware.AI are:

  1. Modern software engineering best practices including code reviews, continuous integration testing, thorough documentation, thorough test coverage, style and development guides
  2. Improved system architecture and module interface design (including messages and APIs)
  3. An emphasis on reproducibility and determinism at the library, node, and system levels


Autoware.Auto initially targets the following two use cases:

  1. Autonomous Valet Parking
  2. Autonomous Cargo Delivery

As of January 2021, the valet parking functionality has been implemented and was showcased in a live vehicle demonstration. It allows maneuvering at low speeds on a parking lot.

The cargo delivery functionality is in development. It will allow driving in a more difficult environment with intersections and indoor navigation, at moderate speeds. Each use case is designed with respect to a target Operational Design Domain (ODD), and the current milestones for development can be viewed here.

Getting started


Check the Support Guidelines for various ways to get help.


  • Building has instructions and troubleshooting for compiling Autoware.Auto.
  • To get an overview of the algorithms and individual packages in Autoware.Auto, read Design.
  • As you start working on the source code or documentation, please see the Contributor's guide.


Check the Safety for safety guildelines.