The instructions linked below assume that you have "sourced your installation". First, you must be in an ADE and/or have built Autoware.Auto yourself.

Then, execute either of those two:

# To use the preinstalled Autoware.Auto in ADE:
ade$ source /opt/AutowareAuto/setup.bash
# To use the Autoware you built yourself:
source ~/AutowareAuto/install/setup.bash

That will set a few environment variables, e.g. $AMENT_PREFIX_PATH. To reset those variables, it's easiest to just open a new terminal.

If you forget to source the installation, trying to run any ros2 run or ros2 launch commands will only print something like:

Package 'autoware_demos' not found: "package 'autoware_demos' not found, searching: ['/opt/ros/foxy']"

Many launch configurations rely on a point cloud map, which is managed via git lfs. To download it, do

git lfs pull --exclude="" --include="*"

In case you run multiple ROS2 applications on machines in the same network, they will interfere with each other. To avoid it, set the environment variable ROS_DOMAIN_ID to a distinct value between 0 and 232 on the machines.

Operational Design Domain (ODD) Demos

Autoware.Auto includes a growing number of demonstrations for target Operational Design Domains (ODDs), where an ODD is a formal definition of the set of conditions and circumstances an automated vehicle is designed to operate under (for reference, see SAE J3016 section 3.22).

Each demonstration exhibits the capabilities of the software within the ODD, such as the ability to park a car in a parking lot ODD, or the ability to drive a route through an urban setting in an urban ODD. Most demonstrations are intended to be used on both a real car and in a simulator. Each article below contains instructions on how to set up, launch and control one demonstration. For demonstrations that work on a real car, the hardware requirements are also described.

General Demos

The following pages describe how to run demonstrations which showcase specific pieces of functionality within the Autoware.Auto architecture.