Support Guidelines


We provide several mechanism for getting help and this article describes those mechanisms. Whether you have run into a problem using Autoware.Auto or you just want more information about some aspect of it not covered in the documentation, one of the below options should have you covered. Using the correct resource will ensure you get a helpful response to your query quickly. The following should be the general set of steps for obtaining support, depending on your specific need:

  1. Read the docs
  2. Depending on your question:
    1. Ask support questions and describe unconfirmed bugs on ROS Answers with the autoware tag
    2. Start general Autoware discussions on the Autoware category at ROS Discourse
    3. For confirmed bugs or feature requests, create a new issue on the Autoware.Auto Gitlab
  3. Message the committers-autoware-auto channel on the Autoware Developer's Slack

General Information: Documentation

Whether you are looking to get help installing Autoware.Auto, looking for developer best-practices, or you just want to run a demo, the auto-generated documentation should be your first resource. If you find information missing in the docs, please create a new issue and, optionally, create a merge request to add the information to the docs yourself.

Support Questions: ROS Answers

If you have a problem with Autoware.Auto and it has not yet been confirmed by others, start your quest at ROS Answers with the autoware tag. Questions asked with the autoware tag are regularly reviewed by Autoware developers and maintainers as well as other members of the Autoware community.

If your question is not answered within a timely manner (read: at least 1 week - this is an open-source project), then feel free to escalate to either ROS Discourse or the committers-autoware-auto channel on Slack.

General Discussion: ROS Discourse

If you want to discuss a topic with the general Autoware community or ask a question not related to a problem with Autoware, head over to the Autoware category on ROS Discourse. The Autoware category is also where high-level announcements are made about Autoware by the Foundation.

Confirmed Bugs or Feature Requests: Gitlab Issues

If you have discovered a bug that has been confirmed by others or you would like to request that a new feature be added to Autoware.Auto, consider creating a new issue on Gitlab and choosing the relevant template. If you have the background, feel free to also create a Merge Request to resolve the issue! Just remember to read over our Contributor's guide to know what to expect from a review of your Merge Request.

Real-time Communication: Autoware Developer's Slack

Please remember that our Slack server is not for any of the cases mentioned above and is mostly a gathering place for developers. If you are seeking support, want to start a discussion, or want to request a feature, Slack is the wrong avenue. However, if your question on ROS Answers has gone unanswered for a reasonable amount of time, messaging the committers-autoware-auto channel is appropriate.

The Autoware Developer's Slack is a real-time communication mechanism for person-to-person or group chats. If you want to take a quick straw-pull survey, chat with a group outside of the primary channels, or introduce yourself to the community, this is a good place to start.