autoware::localization::ndt::StaticNDTVoxel Class Reference

#include <ndt_voxel.hpp>

Public Types

using Point = Eigen::Vector3d
using Cov = Eigen::Matrix3d

Public Member Functions

 StaticNDTVoxel ()
 Initialize an empty voxel. More...
 StaticNDTVoxel (const Point &centroid, const Cov &inv_covariance)
Cov covariance () const
const Pointcentroid () const
const Covinverse_covariance () const
bool8_t usable () const noexcept

Detailed Description

Static Voxel implementation for the NDT map. A static voxel is used to represent a pre-computed ndt cell, hence it doesn't contain any logic for updating its states.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ Cov

◆ Point

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ StaticNDTVoxel() [1/2]

autoware::localization::ndt::StaticNDTVoxel::StaticNDTVoxel ( )

Initialize an empty voxel.

◆ StaticNDTVoxel() [2/2]

autoware::localization::ndt::StaticNDTVoxel::StaticNDTVoxel ( const Point centroid,
const Cov inv_covariance 

Initialize a voxel given the centroid and the covariance.

centroidCentroid of the voxel.
inv_covarianceCovariance of the voxel.

Member Function Documentation

◆ centroid()

const Eigen::Vector3d & autoware::localization::ndt::StaticNDTVoxel::centroid ( ) const

Returns the mean of the points in the cell. Throw if voxel is empty.

centroid of the cell

◆ covariance()

Eigen::Matrix3d autoware::localization::ndt::StaticNDTVoxel::covariance ( ) const

Calculates and returns the covariance of the points in the voxel. Throw if voxel is empty.

covariance of the cell

◆ inverse_covariance()

const Eigen::Matrix3d & autoware::localization::ndt::StaticNDTVoxel::inverse_covariance ( ) const

Returns the inverse covariance of the points in the voxel. Throw if voxel is empty.

inverse covariance of the cell

◆ usable()

bool8_t autoware::localization::ndt::StaticNDTVoxel::usable ( ) const

Check if the cell is occupied and can be used in ndt matching

True if cell is occupied

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