autoware::common::geometry::spatial_hash::details::Index3 Struct Reference

Internal struct for packing three indices together. More...

#include <spatial_hash_config.hpp>

Collaboration diagram for autoware::common::geometry::spatial_hash::details::Index3:

Public Attributes

Index x
Index y
Index z

Detailed Description

Internal struct for packing three indices together.

The use of this struct publically is a violation of our coding standards, but I claim it's fine because (a) it's details, (b) it is literally three unrelated members packaged together. This type is needed for conceptual convenience so I don't have massive function parameter lists

Member Data Documentation

◆ x

Index autoware::common::geometry::spatial_hash::details::Index3::x

◆ y

Index autoware::common::geometry::spatial_hash::details::Index3::y

◆ z

Index autoware::common::geometry::spatial_hash::details::Index3::z

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