object_collision_estimator.cpp File Reference
#include "object_collision_estimator/object_collision_estimator.hpp"
#include <algorithm>
#include <limits>
#include <list>
#include <vector>
#include "common/types.hpp"
#include "geometry/bounding_box/bounding_box_common.hpp"
#include "geometry/bounding_box/rotating_calipers.hpp"
#include "geometry/intersection.hpp"
#include "geometry_msgs/msg/point32.hpp"
#include "motion_common/config.hpp"
#include "motion_common/motion_common.hpp"
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BoundingBox motion::planning::object_collision_estimator::waypointToBox (const TrajectoryPoint &pt, const VehicleConfig &vehicle_param, const float32_t safety_factor)
 Convert a trajectory waypoint into a bounding box representing the volume occupied by the ego vehicle while on this waypoint. More...
AxisAlignedBoundingBox motion::planning::object_collision_estimator::calculateAxisAlignedBoundingBox (const BoundingBox &bbox)
 Converts a bounding box into axis aligned bounding box that covers given box. The goal is to use axis aligned bounding box for optimization as a first step in collision detection. More...
bool8_t motion::planning::object_collision_estimator::isTooFarAway (const AxisAlignedBoundingBox &vehicle_bbox, const AxisAlignedBoundingBox &obstacle_bbox)
 Determine if an obstacle is too far away from a vehicle to collide. More...
int32_t motion::planning::object_collision_estimator::detectCollision (const Trajectory &trajectory, const std::vector< PredictedObjectInfo > &predicted_objects, const VehicleConfig &vehicle_param, const float32_t safety_factor, BoundingBoxArray &waypoint_bboxes)
 Detect possible collision between a trajectory and a list of obstacle bounding boxes. Return the index in the trajectory where the first collision happens. More...
int32_t motion::planning::object_collision_estimator::getStopIndex (const Trajectory &trajectory, const int32_t collision_index, const float32_t stop_margin) noexcept
 Returns the index that vehicle should stop when the object colliding index and stop distance is given. More...