more_thuente_line_search.hpp File Reference
#include <optimization/line_search/line_search.hpp>
#include <optimization/utils.hpp>
#include <helper_functions/float_comparisons.hpp>
#include <limits>
#include <algorithm>
#include <utility>
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class  autoware::common::optimization::MoreThuenteLineSearch
 This class describes a More-Thuente line search as presented in the paper "Line Search Algorithms with Guaranteed Sufficient Decrease" by Jorge J. More and David J. Thuente. More...
struct  autoware::common::optimization::MoreThuenteLineSearch::ObjectiveFunction< OptimizationProblemT >::FunctionValue
 A utility struct that holds the argument, value and derivative of a function. More...


 This file defines the lanelet2_map_provider_node class.


constexpr common::types::float32_t autoware::common::optimization::detail::kDelta = 0.66F
 This value is used in More-Thuente paper without explanation (in the paper: Section 4, Case 3). More...