autoware::localization::ndt::DynamicNDTVoxel Class Reference

#include <ndt_voxel.hpp>

Public Types

using Point = Eigen::Vector3d
using Cov = Eigen::Matrix3d

Public Member Functions

 DynamicNDTVoxel ()
void add_observation (const Point &pt)
bool8_t try_stabilize ()
bool8_t usable () const noexcept
const Covcovariance () const
std::experimental::optional< Covinverse_covariance () const
const Pointcentroid () const
uint64_t count () const noexcept

Static Public Attributes

static constexpr uint32_t NUM_POINT_THRESHOLD = 3U

Detailed Description

Dynamic Voxel implementation for the NDT map. A dynamic voxel updates its state with each added observation and hence it is to be only used when a raw point cloud is being transformed into the ndt map representation.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ Cov

◆ Point

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ DynamicNDTVoxel()

autoware::localization::ndt::DynamicNDTVoxel::DynamicNDTVoxel ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ add_observation()

void autoware::localization::ndt::DynamicNDTVoxel::add_observation ( const Point pt)

Add a point to the cell, update the centroid and covariance. This function Uses Welford's online algorithm:'s_online_algorithm

ptPoint to add to the voxel.

◆ centroid()

const Eigen::Vector3d & autoware::localization::ndt::DynamicNDTVoxel::centroid ( ) const

Returns the mean of the points in the cell. Throw if the cell does not have enough points.

centroid of the cell

◆ count()

uint64_t autoware::localization::ndt::DynamicNDTVoxel::count ( ) const

Get number of points residing in the voxel.

Number of points.

◆ covariance()

const Eigen::Matrix3d & autoware::localization::ndt::DynamicNDTVoxel::covariance ( ) const

Returns the covariance of the points in the voxel. If not all points are used to update the covariance or the cell does not have enough points for covariance calculation, throws an error.

covariance of the cell

◆ inverse_covariance()

std::experimental::optional< Eigen::Matrix3d > autoware::localization::ndt::DynamicNDTVoxel::inverse_covariance ( ) const

Returns the inverse covariance calculated from the covariance. If the covariance is not invertible, throws an error

inverse covariance of the cell

◆ try_stabilize()

bool8_t autoware::localization::ndt::DynamicNDTVoxel::try_stabilize ( )

Try to stabilize the covariance

True if stabilization succeeds and covariance is invertible

◆ usable()

bool8_t autoware::localization::ndt::DynamicNDTVoxel::usable ( ) const

Check if the cell contains enough points to be used in ndt matching

True if cell has more points than NUM_POINT_THRESHOLD

Member Data Documentation


constexpr uint32_t autoware::localization::ndt::DynamicNDTVoxel::NUM_POINT_THRESHOLD = 3U

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