autoware::common::optimization::OptimizationSummary Class Reference

#include <optimizer_options.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 OptimizationSummary (float64_t dist, TerminationType termination_type, uint64_t iter)
float64_t estimated_distance_to_optimum () const noexcept
 Get the estimated distance to the optimum. More...
TerminationType termination_type () const noexcept
 Get termination type. More...
uint64_t number_of_iterations_made () const noexcept
 Get the number of iterations that were made. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ OptimizationSummary()

autoware::common::optimization::OptimizationSummary::OptimizationSummary ( float64_t  dist,
TerminationType  termination_type,
uint64_t  iter 

Constructor to initialize const members

distestimated distance to the optimum
termination_typeType of termination. Check the enum definition for possible outcomes.
iternumber of iterations that were made

Member Function Documentation

◆ estimated_distance_to_optimum()

float64_t autoware::common::optimization::OptimizationSummary::estimated_distance_to_optimum ( ) const

Get the estimated distance to the optimum.

◆ number_of_iterations_made()

uint64_t autoware::common::optimization::OptimizationSummary::number_of_iterations_made ( ) const

Get the number of iterations that were made.

◆ termination_type()

TerminationType autoware::common::optimization::OptimizationSummary::termination_type ( ) const

Get termination type.

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